Published and Forthcoming Papers

Designing Dynamic Subsidies to Spur Adoption of New Technologies
(with Derek Lemoine) Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, 9(6), November, 2022, Editor’s Choice article

Escalation of Scrutiny: The Gains from Dynamic Enforcement of Environmental Regulations
(with Wesley Blundell and Gautam Gowrisankaran)
American Economic Review, 110(8): 2558-2585, August, 2020
Online Appendix
A problem set built off of this paper is available here.

From Gallons to Miles: A Disaggregate Analysis of Automobile Travel and Externality Taxes
(with Vikram Maheshri and Clifford Winston)
Journal of Public Economics, 152, p 34-46, August, 2017

The Intergenerational Transmission of Automobile Brand Preferences
(with Soren Anderson, Ryan Kellogg, and James Sallee)
Journal of Industrial Economics, 63(4), p 763-93, December 2015 

Automakers’ Short-Run Responses to Changing Gasoline Prices
(with Nathan Miller)
Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(4), p 1198-1211, October 2013

Toward A Comprehensive Assessment of Road Pricing Accounting for Land Use
(with Clifford Winston)
Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs, p127-175, Fall 2008

The Effect of Government Highway Spending on Road Users’ Congestion Costs
(with Clifford Winston)
Journal of Urban Economics 60(3), p463-83, November 2006

Working Papers

Policy Uncertainty in the Market for Coal Electricity: The Case of Air Toxics Standards
(with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Wendan Zhang) Submitted

Fueling Alternatives: Gas Station Choice and the Implications for Electric Charging
(with Jackson Dorsey and Shaun McRae) Revisions requested at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
NBER Digest article

What Were the Odds? Estimating the Market’s Probability of Uncertain Events
(with Derek Lemoine)

Work in Progress

Energy Transitions in Regulated Markets
(with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Mar Reguant)

Ramping Costs and Coal Generator Exit
(with Miguel Borrero and Gautam Gowrisankaran)

Regulating Power Plant Emissions: Environmental Justice, Enforcement, and Regulator Preferences
(with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Konan Hara)

Resting Papers

Step On It: A New Approach to Improving Vehicle Fuel Economy
(with Shaun McRae)

(Dis)Incentives for Demographic Price Discrimination in the New Vehicle Market